Rockne Brubaker II

Over the next few weeks we will be posting coach bios so their stories can be shared by our skating community.  For example—did you know some of our coaches performed professionally?  Did you know at least one of them competed at the Olympics?


Today, we are focusing in our very own Skate School Director: Rockne Brubaker II.



For Rockne Lee Brubaker II, figure skating gave him opportunities he never would have had otherwise.  He has been able to travel, represent his country in competition and is now influencing a new generation of skaters.

He started skating classes when he was 5 years old.  He started out pursuing hockey, but by the time he was 12 he was competing in both singles and pairs competitions. 




When he was 17 he switched to pairs skating full time and after a year of hard work he made earned a spot on Team USA.  Of that experience he says, “Being a member of Team USA allowed me to travel the world and see places that I wouldn’t have had the chance to explore.”  He stayed with Team USA from 2004-2014.



Being a man in the sport of figure skating gave Brubaker many unique opportunities that he might not have had in other sports. He went on to win 2 U.S. Junior Championships, became a Junior Grand Prix Final & World Junior Champion, he won 2 U.S. Senior Championships and multiple international ISU Grand Prix and ISU Championships Medals. He was also an Olympic Alternate.


In 2014, he retired from competitive skating and became the Skate School Director here at Fox Valley Ice Arena.   As he thinks about his time skating he hopes that parents and skaters realize that getting the correct instruction from the beginning makes progressing in the sport much easier.   He hopes is doing just that for the future generation of skaters.


All about Stefania Berton

Over the next few weeks we will be posting coach bios so their stories can be shared by our skating community.  For example—did you know some of our coaches performed professionally?  Did you know at least one of them competed at the Olympics?  Neither did I!


As the 2018 Olympics start continue to build momentum, we here at FVIA hope to introduce you to our skating staff and highlight the immense talent at your fingertips!


Starting off our staff is our very own Olympian, Stefania Berton!!!

Stefania-Berton -Sochi-Winter-Olympics-2014--10


Stefania Berton is The Skate School’s assistant director.  If you have taken classes here you have undoubtedly seen her dashing around the rink answering questions and helping students learn to skate on the ice.  Seeing her in that arena one might think that her passion was teaching, but you would be wrong.


Born in Milan, Italy, Berton started skating when she was four and a half years old.  A group of her friends were taking lessons and she wanted to join them.  Skating quickly became the focus of her life and by the time she was 5 she was competing.  But don’t think it was always smooth sailing.  She admits that during her first competition she forgot her entire routine and a coach had to come on the ice to help her though the performance.


Skating provided Berton with the drive to continue to better herself.  When performing there is always something to work on—a new jump to master or spin to perfect.  Skating gave her structure and allowed her start dreaming of success

Stefania-Berton -Sochi-2014-Pairs-Short-Program--06-720x948


Family is an important aspect to both Berton’s life and without her parent’s support and dedication to her dreams she would not have achieved her dreams.  Her first coach, naturally, became like a family member to her.  This coach pushed her to always better herself.  Berton says that it was those strict guidelines that gave her the lifelong discipline for work that she thrives on.


And the discipline worked!  Berton started competing as a single skater until she was 19, when she switched to pairs skating.  In her competition career Berton and her partner became 4 time Italian Champions, won bronze in the European Championship, became the skate Canada champ in 2013 and placed fourth in the 2014 Olympics.   That is a long way from forgetting your routine in the middle of a performance!


Stefania-Berton -Sochi-Winter-Olympics-2014--13-720x1002

She has since retired from competing and she and her husband, Rockne Brubaker, run The Skate School here in Geneva.  She looks forward to helping other young skaters achieve their potential and fall in love with the ice as she did.  “There is nothing like gliding across the ice,” she says.  “It is like flying.”


Olympics 2018



The countdown begins!!!


The Winter Olympics are coming!!!


Who hasn’t gotten caught up in the excitement of the games?  For me the Winter Olympics are extra special.  I know where I was the first time I saw Kristi Yamaguchi skate and the first time I saw curling and tried to figure out the rules!


But every time I enjoy the Olympics, I find myself with a dozen burning questions about life behind the scenes.


We at Fox Valley are lucky enough to know a skater or two who have been to the Winter Olympics and may be able to answer your questions!  Drop us a message on Facebook or e-mail us at and we will post the answer sometime during the Olympic Festivities!



New Year, New You!

Happy 2018!!


The New Year is nearly a week and old and if you are like many people, those resolutions have dwindled from a long list of expectations to a few you hope to work toward completing.


We at Fox Valley Ice Arena continue to strive to help make all our customers the best athletes possible.  In a sense, in order for us to achieve our goal, we have to help you achieve yours!


Do you want to get in better shape?  The Fox Valley Fitness Center, located on the 2nd floor of our building, offers a full gym, trainers and various classes to keep you motivated all year long.

Call 630-686-2270


Are you hoping to take up a new sport this year?  Perhaps skating?  The Skate School offers a wide array of classes for all age and ability levels!


Already a skater and hoping to improve?  We have nearly a dozen coaches ready to help bring skaters to the next level!  Both in hockey and figure skating, we can help you hone your skills!

Call 630-262-0690 for more information


And, if your goal is simply to get out and have more fun, we can help with that as well!  We offer weekly Public Skate opportunities for you to get out on the ice with friends and enjoy yourself.  If hockey is more your game, check out our calendar for Stick and Puck and Rat Hockey opportunities!


We hope 2018 brings everyone great experiences and we hope to see you at the arena soon!


Snap a pic-Earn a Prize!

Share some holiday cheer this week when you skate with us!!!!


If you drop in for a Public Skate, Stick and Puck, Rat Hockey or just to say hi–take a picture in our Santa sleigh and upload it to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat ect for a special treat!

Show your uploaded photo to our front desk staff and choose from a Fidget Spinner or a BOGO for an upcoming Public Skate!  Win-Win for everyone!


Have a festive week and Happy New Year!

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