The Skate School: Leading the Way in Fox Valley Skating Instruction

We are all aware that 2020 has hit us with a unprecedented amount of insanity:  killer hornets, civil unrest and The Pandemic.  Despite this, many Fox Valley Families are trying to find the normal in the middle of this chaos.  One way families are helping their children cope with this ever changing year is by starting a new hobby.  As the months get colder, many are turning to Fox Valley Ice Arena’s Skate school to help their children learn to skate.

Every year new children come to The Skate School to learn to skate, but this year they are looking for more.  They are looking for human connections and interactions that are missing in the remote atmosphere that is permeating 2020.  Luckily, our coaches are wonderful at engaging their students and give them what they need. 

The Skate School has remodeled itself to the needs of a pandemic culture quickly and effectively by limiting class enrollment, clearly defining class space on the ice and keeping the arena sanitized.  The facility, located on kirk road in Geneva, has adapted by adding heightened cleaning protocols and hand sanitizer stations.  They require temperature checks for all who enter and allow everyone to keep distance from one another. 

With many of us working and schooling from home, we have seen more beginner students sign up for private lessons.  These 1 on 1 sessions not only enable the student to work on the skills they specifically need help with, but they also offer students a mentor.  A person to connect with outside their family and teacher.

As our students grow on the ice, their friendship grows off the ice.  it is natural that as students train together, they also form friendships and skater are no different.  During this pandemic, our students have supported one another and help each other up through good times and bad.  They are a community–one that the Skate School is proud to support. 

With restrictions in place across the country, many competitions have been canceled, leaving skaters disappointed to not show off their skills.  our Skate School directors stepped up and offered them time on the ice to show off their programs in a safe environment. 

2020 has offered many challenges, but The Skate School is not only meeting them, but exceeding them.  If you’d like to learn more about our programs, please visit

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