New Year, New You!

Happy 2018!!


The New Year is nearly a week and old and if you are like many people, those resolutions have dwindled from a long list of expectations to a few you hope to work toward completing.


We at Fox Valley Ice Arena continue to strive to help make all our customers the best athletes possible.  In a sense, in order for us to achieve our goal, we have to help you achieve yours!


Do you want to get in better shape?  The Fox Valley Fitness Center, located on the 2nd floor of our building, offers a full gym, trainers and various classes to keep you motivated all year long.

Call 630-686-2270


Are you hoping to take up a new sport this year?  Perhaps skating?  The Skate School offers a wide array of classes for all age and ability levels!


Already a skater and hoping to improve?  We have nearly a dozen coaches ready to help bring skaters to the next level!  Both in hockey and figure skating, we can help you hone your skills!

Call 630-262-0690 for more information


And, if your goal is simply to get out and have more fun, we can help with that as well!  We offer weekly Public Skate opportunities for you to get out on the ice with friends and enjoy yourself.  If hockey is more your game, check out our calendar for Stick and Puck and Rat Hockey opportunities!


We hope 2018 brings everyone great experiences and we hope to see you at the arena soon!


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