Dance-Pairs Chicago 2018!!

Kiana and Ilya


It is that time of year again—Dance-Pairs Chicago competition is taking over the Fox Valley Ice Arena! Every August we welcome hundreds of ice skaters, their families, coaches and fans into our arena for their annual competition.  Join us as we trade our weekend hockey sticks and pucks for ballroom music and beautiful dance

From August 10-12 skaters from all over the country will fill our arena and compete at the Novice, Junior or Senior levels of Ice dancing. 


Krystina Haas                       Chloe Ryan                Howard E Van Camp Invitational 2018

We are pleased to announce that FVIA has eight solo ice dancers and five pairs of ice dancers competing this weekend! 

Cassandra Cowen

FVIA Solo Competitors include:

Paige Denormandie

Emma Wang

Abby McGuire

Chloe Ryan

Ali Hanley

Julianna Romero

Krystina Haas

Cassandra Cowan


Jamie McGuire

FVIA Pair Competitors include:

Layla Chinery-Karnes and Kiril Aksenov (Senior Pairs)

Givlia Foresti and Edoardo Caputo(Senior Pairs)

Laiken Lockley and Keenan Prochnow (Junior Pairs)

Isabelle Martins and Ryan Bedard (Junior Pairs)

Kiana Pan and Ilya Modrowski (Junior Pairs)


For those that do not know, ice dancing is a form of ice skating which takes much of its components from ballroom dancing.  The music must adhere to a specific dance style and skaters must dance to the beat of the music instead of the rhythm, as is common in other skating.   

Admission to the competition is free on Friday and $5 on Saturday and Sunday.

Competition times can be found here:

 Layla and Kiril

If you are looking for a relaxing way to spend the weekend, come out and support out skaters!!

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